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Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of (a site run by FSP Digital Ltd.). 

Please also ensure you read our Earnings Disclaimer – which covers what kind of results you can expect from our service.

Our Service

We have a full refund plus cash money-back guarantee on all our products – where we will refund you the cost in full if you can show you have used our system in full and not managed to obtain a closed transaction within 12 months.

Here is the criteria for this policy:

  1. You have watched all videos and downloaded all the components of the course (we can track this in the back-end).
  2. You send us brochures, ads, phone lines, email drips, completed workbooks, evidence of leads you managed to acquire – and everything that the course requires you to create for your listing – to show that you tried everything out properly and effectively, as outlined in the course.
  3. During the course of marketing your listing, when you were not receiving results you were looking for – you can show us that you contacted our support or our Mastermind/community pages to request help. Our support and Mastermind group is considered part of the course – so we expect you to use it when you’re not getting results – so we can help you obtain closed deals.

If you can show us in good faith that you followed the 3 steps above and adhered to the requirements of the course in marketing your listing – and this led to you not receiving a single closed deal in 12 months of running this marketing – we will consider that you have met the ‘full refund plus cash’ criteria.

Unused/Incomplete Courses

There are no refunds for any unused or incomplete courses.  That is, if you bought the course, didn’t follow the methods, didn’t watch the videos, didn’t use the templates or didn’t do all of the work and steps outlined – then under absolutely no circumstances will we issue a refund.

We cannot provide refunds where no effort or good faith was provided by you to actually use the methods we are teaching.

This course and system is not an overnight ‘get rich quick scheme’ – it is intended for people who want to seriously work on their business and learn skills that will set themselves apart from their peers – over a course of a number of months.

How To Request A Refund

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

  • By phone number: 1-800-219-1377
  • By email:


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